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New York Code of Criminal Justice


     New York Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide serves as a comprehensive and detailed work to assist those who are attempting to understand and apply New York’s criminal statutes. This codebook is written to decipher and explain the penal laws for police officers charging under them, to educate trainees at the police academies and other students studying law at colleges and law schools, and to interpret the statutes’ meanings for lawyers and judges. New York Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide is designed to generally make the penal statutes a more interesting and educational tool.

     This book contains, in complete verbatim text, every statute found in the New York penal law and every New York criminal procedure law. Preceding each statutory chapter or group of chapters, in the penal code, is a fictional fact pattern. Following each statute that defines a felony or misdemeanor is a practical application section. These sections draw on the fact patterns to explain the statutes. Readers can utilize the fact patterns and practical applications to understand the language of the statutes and thereafter determine how to appropriately charge pursuant to them.

     While New York Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide primarily tackles the substantive statutes defining felonies and misdemeanors, it also explains many of the other related statutes, such as defenses and general provisions. Statutory language defining the offenses, the elements pertaining to them and the differences among the offenses are addressed in detail. In sum total, nearly every statute that defines a felony and misdemeanor has a practical application section that explains it. Several other statutes are afforded practical application sections as well. Sentencing and administrative statutes are not the focus of this book, and practical application sections are not provided for these statutes.

     This codebook is practical and necessary to police officers who are presented daily with real life criminal circumstances and need to know how to correctly charge pursuant to each peculiar and unique situation. It is equally important for trainees at the academies who must learn the criminal laws of New York and be able to apply them once they graduate and hit the streets. Similarly, it is a valuable tool for other students studying law, and even for lawyers and judges who are looking for mechanisms to better understand the often confusing and convoluted statutory language.



Critically Acclaimed Filmmaker & Best-selling Author

Film Festival Chairman & former Judge


“As usual, Mr. Del Vecchio was larger than life.”

-The New York Times

Kenneth Del Vecchio is a critically acclaimed filmmaker who has written, produced and directed over 30 movies that star 100+ film and TV stars, including multiple Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees. His films are distributed through industry leaders such as Sony Pictures, NBC/Universal, Anchor Bay, Millennium Entertainment, Cinedigm, Screen Media Films, Vivendi Entertainment, Green Apple Entertainment, Midnight Releasing, Fabrication Films, Cardinal XD, and E-1 Entertainment. He has starred in numerous movies, as well. Mr. Del Vecchio is founder and chairman of Hoboken International Film Festival, called by FOX, MY and other major media "One of the 10 Biggest Film Festivals in the World." He also is the author of some of the nation’s best-selling legal books, including criminal codebooks published by Prentice Hall and ALM. A best-selling criminal suspense novelist, he penned his first published novel at only 24-years-old. In addition, he is a frequent analyst on Fox news and other major networks, and he is the owner of the Criminal Law Learning Center, where he has taught thousands of police officers and lawyers…And he is a former Judge, who also has tried over 400 cases as a practicing criminal attorney. 


Kenneth Del Vecchio’s filmography includes: The Life Zone, The Great Fight, Scavenger Killers, An Affirmative Act, Price For Freedom, Rock Story, Snapshot, Bleeding Hearts, Cries of the Unborn, Blue Lives Matter, O.B.A.M. Nude, Joker’s Wild, iMurders, Kinky Killers, The Grand Theft, Fake, Hospital Arrest, Renaissance Man, American Brawler, Puppets, Aberrant, Real Gangsters, Three Chris’s, Alone in the Dark 2, The Drum Beats Twice, Pride & Loyalty, Tinsel Town, Here and There, The Crimson Mask, and Rules For Men. His novels are Pride & Loyalty, Revelation in the Wilderness and The Great Heist (his most recent novel). And his legal books include: Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide to the Penal Statutes (national criminal codebook), New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide to the Penal Statutes, New York Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide to the Penal Statutes, and Test Prep Guide to Accompany New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, with numerous others in the works.


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Critically Acclaimed Filmmaker & Bestselling Author

Film Festival Chairman & former Judge

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